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Sisterhood of Shade

Like most women I enjoy watching reality TV, especially some of the ratchet shows. What draws me to the shows are the drama and it’s the drama that turns me off. I am sometimes shocked, mortified, and honestly entertained by the craziness that goes on these shows.


This past week I watched RHOA. Let me just start by saying it needs to be called Real Old Hags of Atlanta, because that’s how most of them act. I’ve never seen a group of women who are in their late 30’s to mid 40’s act the way these women do. This past episode was just a shade fest. They we’re throwing shade and hating on each other left and right.
Don’t get me wrong, some of it was mad funny. However, some of the ladies were just being mean and it wasn’t cool.


What’s ironic is I had just spent a weekend hanging with my girls and we did not behave the way they did. We didn’t throw shade with each other, put each other down, or be flat out mean. We set out to celebrate and have fun for my girl’s birthday and that’s what we did. I know of other women who get together and have a ball.

If the women of RHOA are being mean girls for the camera they should stop. Yes a little shade is funny but being mean is uncool. With all that these women have going for themselves there is no excuse for them to sit around and cut down their fellow sisters.


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