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Light Girls

I finally got a chance to watch the documentary on light skin girls. As a light skin woman it was easy to relate to a lot of what was being said. Being treated differently by your own race, feeling as though you're not black enough, having people place judgement because of your color. Whenever the… Continue reading Light Girls

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Get Yours!

It really bugs me to hear women talk about sex like they are offering a service, or like they have no say in what goes on in the bedroom. They say things like, " he's not into that" or "we don't have to do all that" or the ultimate "all he wants". What! What abut… Continue reading Get Yours!

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You’re mad at her, but he cheated!?

One thing I don't understand about women is their reaction to finding out they have been cheated on. Not only their reaction to being cheated on but when they find out their man has moved on, the first thing she will do is go after whomever their mate is now seeing or cheated with. I… Continue reading You’re mad at her, but he cheated!?

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Reality TV Reveiw: Its A Mann’s World

All I have to say about the first episode of It's A Mann's World is...Finally. It was refreshing to see the Manns be real people on their show and I hope it stays that way. David Mann is naturally funny and down right silly and Tamela is a sweetheart. Their children are entertaining in their… Continue reading Reality TV Reveiw: Its A Mann’s World

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Tapping into Your Sexy

There comes a time in a woman's life where she loses her sexy. It can come from life changing experiences such as marriage, having children, or getting older. Sometimes we gain weight and become unhappy in our skin. Whatever the reason, when we lose our sexy it can be difficult to get it back. I… Continue reading Tapping into Your Sexy

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Sisterhood of Shade

Like most women I enjoy watching reality TV, especially some of the ratchet shows. What draws me to the shows are the drama and it's the drama that turns me off. I am sometimes shocked, mortified, and honestly entertained by the craziness that goes on these shows. This past week I watched RHOA. Let me… Continue reading Sisterhood of Shade