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But that’s Your Man


Just when I thought I saw it all, a reality show took me out again. We all have had that friend who was delusional about their relationship or have been in that position. However what I just watched on television takes the cake. A young lady traveled across the country to be with a man she loves and has been seeing for a couple of years. To see this might be romantic and it really doesn’t sound bad. However we’re talking reality tv. She moves only to find out she cant live with her “man”. Then she explains how she has never been in his home and does not know where he lives. Yet, she is in love and plans to be his wife. What in the world?

Now we all have been a fool in love. However I’m starting to see a lot more women be delusional about their relationships. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet a great guy and fall in love. The problem arises when your desire to fall in love clouds your judgement. Ignoring signs, sugar coating, making stuff up all for the sake of wanting to be in love.

The madness must stop! Ladies friends don’t let friends believe they’re in a relationship. The next time your girl or you say something like:

I don’t know where he lives or I’ve never seen his house

We can only go out in the afternoon

He goes to bed early so I cant call after 7 pm

Please respond with,” but thats your man?” and tell her the truth. He’s really not her man and she is the only one in the relationship.


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