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My favorite hair product


On my healthy hair journey, I’ve fallen back in love with something I used doing my natural hair days. COCONUT OIL! I apply it to my hair every day and sometimes at night when I tie my hair down. My hair loves this product and I love how it’s helping my hair. My ends were becoming dry and brittle from relaxing, coloring, and heat. Since I’ve been using coconut oil my hair is softer and shinier, it’s starting to appear healthier as well.

When I researched coconut oil during my natural days I learned it was a moisturizing agent and added shine. It also promotes growth. I’ve recently discovered it also helps as a heat protectant. With all of its benefits, it’s no wonder why it has become a staple product.

I would suggest applying it to your hair at night before tying it down. When you need an extra shine to your hair. Most importantly before applying heat.

Please feel free to share any products you use to care for your relaxed or natural hair.


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