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Relaxed hair care

Its been six months now since I have gone back to wearing my hair relaxed. What I’m noticing is my hair is not growing as it should. The last time I relaxed my hair I noticed the front of my hair is very damaged and breaking off. This explained why my bangs haven’t grown out like I wanted. Although I have some growth, I don’t have the length I would like by now. Granted I have cut my hair a couple of times since relaxing, my stylist knows I want to have some length in the front so she only trims my ends. Now I am back on the journey of healthy hair. Although I never really left, yet I wasn’t taking the necessary steps to maintain healthy hair.

The first thing I did was go to you tube for suggestions and tips on caring for relaxed hair, specifically short hair. I love my pixie which is now more of a Mohawk. I have no desire for long hair. To my surprise there was several videos on how to grow long healthy relaxed hair nothing for short hair. The videos for short relaxed hair mainly focused on maintaining and styling. I’m pretty sure I could have used some tips from the long relaxed hair videos but I want to see someone care for their short relaxed hair will maintaining their short style. 

This has forced me to figure out how to get my hair back healthy while maintaining a cute style in the process. The ultimate goal is to grow my bangs out to my brows. Also I want continue to grow my hair into my pick–hawk.   While going through this journey I will be blogging and sharing along the way.  I will share pictures of my hair, products, etc. I hope in the end I help someone who is struggling with caring for their relaxed hair as well. I believe healthy hair is for everyone natural, relaxed, weaves whatever, you should take care of the hair you have.

Here are things I will be doing and stop doing to care for my hair
1. Weekly shampoos with my anti dandruff and anti breakage shampoos
2. Deep conditioning after every shampoo
3. Moisturizing my scalp with my oil cocktail
4. Moisturizing hair with coconut oil (daily) and Shea butter after shampoos
5. Using heat protection before styling
6. Less heat styling
7. Sleeping on a satin pillow and wrapping my hair (depending on my style)
8. Drinking more water
9. Regular trims
10. No more permanent hair color, semi permanent only.

Wish me luck!!!!!

I will post information about products in my next entry.


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