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Battle of the Sexes

The battle of the sexes between black men and women has gone too far. There was once a time when the conversation between the two sexes was about who should pay on the date or what is that we really wanted. Now its about bashing each other and pointing the finger. What was once light hearted and enlightening is now negative and in some cases disrespectful. Whats even more concerning is social media is now being an outlet to spew hatred about the opposite sex. Men and women are using facebook, you-tube, and other social media outlets to get on their soap boxes and critize the opposite sex. It’s becoming complete nonsense.

What really irritates me about this whole battle of the sexes or “war of the sexes” as I like to call it is the judgmental tone that is used. Some of these people feel a sense of superiority and talk down about the opposite sex. I’ve heard black men on you-tube and read on facebook how black men claim to be disgusted by the black woman. They even go so far as to try to justify why they feel as though the black man is better than the black woman or why they would never date or marry black women. Black women also use a higher than mighty tone as they shout out to world that they dont need or want a man. Especally a black man.

When black men and women arent publically judging each other and trying to prove who’s the better sex, we are placing blame for the failures in the black community. Black men want to place all the blame on black women, mainly single mothers, for the downfall of the black community. While black women are accusing black men of not taking stand for the black community. Yet while everyone is pointing the blame and saying who should be doing what, our children are dying…literally.

When will we realize that while we may think we are sounding deep, we are actually are making ourselves look bad as a race. We are the only race who will crictize, spew hate, and disrespect each other for the world to see. What does this whole ‘war of the sexes” say about us as a whole? Its shows just how confused and lost we are as a people and it needs to stop. I no longer want to hear about, “ stupid black single mothers”, “lazy black men”, “bitter black women”, and “trifling brothers”. At the end of the day we are all BLACK and until we learn to love, respect, and uplift each other we will continue to fall short as a race, our communiites will suffer, and our future will be lost.
#endthebattleofthesexed #stopthewarofthesexes


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