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Are We Being Expoited?


Ladies are we that bad at dating that almost every dating book published is for women? I mean do men have this dating thing so down that they need no help what so ever finding a mate? Every time I turn around there is a new dating guru giving life changing advice on how to to get a man, keep a man, get married, stay married, etc. Now dont get me wrong I love self help books just as much as the next girl, but I often wonder are women being targeted by these self proclaimed dating experts.

First and foremost women are consumers. We will buy, shop, and spend until we bust. If someone was looking to make a buck it would be in their best interest to create a product or service for women. So why not publish a book for women. Especially a book telling women how to get a man because we think there’s some science to dating. It’s really not that deep ladies, just ask the fellas.

Which is my next point, MEN DONT CARE and these so called dating gurus know it. They don’t write books for men telling them how to date because they know men aren’t going to buy it, read it, or jump on the catchphrase bandwagon. Honestly a man is ok with being single and he definitely does not want some regular Joe Shmoe telling him how to date.

Are we being exploited? Hell Yes!!!! If we didn’t need to know the next big secret on dating we would’t spend a dime on these books, seminars, CDs, etc. What I found is these so called dating gurus are all saying the same thing. Not only are they selling us the same bs, but it’s stuff we already know. I’m not saying never buy another,”girl get your man” book;. What I am saying is think twice about the purchase and ask these questions: Did the other books help me get a man?
Can I spend this money on something more valuable?
Should I just chill and wait for my Mr. Right to come?

And to the self proclaimed dating gurus. If you are really concerned about the people of the world finding love create a way to give advice to men about dating. Although most men won’t admit that they need help in this area of their life I believe they do. If men didn’t it wouldn’t be so women confused about dating and buying your books.


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