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Be Your Own Pretty


After being relaxed for about a month the reactions to my hair still amazes me. Some people really love my relaxed do and think my pixie cut is very flattering. Other people are neutral and think I rock and rocked both looks well. Then it’s the other other people. You know the other other people who really don’t think before they speak, or push their beliefs on you. These people say things like, “You don’t know what you want to do with your hair!” or “Why you relax it? It’s cute though.” and ” I really like your hair like this better.” It’s odd to me that a woman has to explain her decision to wear her hair the way she wants.

Now I’m not going to front as though I’ve been on the ,” do you” train all the time. At one point while being natural I fell into the whole natural hair is better vibe. I found myself on the: SAY NO TO RELAXER! campaign. Almost to the point where my pro- natural attitude was making me judgmental. Women who choose to wear relaxers or weaves started to rub me the wrong way because I made it up in my head they were ashamed of the hair growing out of the scalp. As if we don’t freedom to wear our hair however we want.

As women especially;women of color, we don’t need anything else like hair to divide us. We already have enough separating us; skin tone, body types, social status, etc. We need to learn how to allow each other to be their own pretty whatever it may be. At the end of the day it’s about feeling good about yourself.

Be Your Own Pretty! Whether that’s relaxed, natural, weave, whatever. We have to stop trying to fit in to what society and culture defines as pretty. Where your hair in the way that makes YOU feel good and not to impress other people. Don’t just stop with the hair. Be Your Own Pretty with how you dress, carry yourself, life choices everything. BE YOUR OWN PRETTY! Whatever your pretty is be it!

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