Natural hair growth

Natural Hair and Vacations


Last week I went on a short vacation on a 2- day cruise to the Bahamas. While I was trying to figure out what to pack for my trip I completely forgot about my hair. Although my twa is still very short, I still try to make sure my hair is healthy. I had to come up with something fast.

During my vacation we spent a day in the Bahamas so I decided not to co-wash my hair before leaving. Instead I co washed the day we spent in the Bahamas and allowed it to air dry. To style it I uses my hair spritzer which it includes: water, aloe Vera juice, coconut oil, and other essential oils and Shea Moistures Hair Milk. Doing this protected my hair from the heat in the Bahamas and helped my hair retained some moisture in the sun.

I only packed a travel size spray bottle of my spritzer, a travel size bottle of my Shea Moisture Hair Milk, and a travel size tube of Pantene's relaxed and natural conditioner.

Vacations should be fun and carefree, you shouldnt have to fuss over your hair. I would suggest styles that are easy to maintain and quick. Wash-n-gos, twist ups, and maybe braids.



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