Natural hair growth

Coconut milk and water spray


I love Pinterest, I pin all day. I saw a daily spray that consists of coconut milk, water, and lavender oil. Being the coconut freak that I am I decided to try it. I had to throw my first batch away because I didn’t think I had to keep it in the refrigerator. It started to smell and I was not spraying it in my hair. My second batch I put in the fridge, however the extra milk still went bad.

I can’t really say if it did anything for my hair. I didn’t see much change in my hair from when I didn’t use it. I sprayed the mixture almost everyday and used my Shea Moisture Hair milk. I used the spray in my nieces hair to untangle and I noticed it made her hair soft and very fluffy. Which was good and bad considering I was braiding her hair and it made the ends very curly.

I left the mixture at my moms house and I don’t miss it. I won’t be making another batch because I didn’t see any difference in my hair. I also didn’t like how the milk went bad. I’m still on a hunt for a daily spritzer to moisturize my hair and revitalize my curls. So my question is…

What’s in your spray bottle?


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