Natural hair growth

My favorite oils


Oils are a must for natural hair. They give your hair life by adding essentials the hair and scalp needs. It took me a while to get a hang of using oils in my hair when I first went natural, now I have staple oils that I use along with a regime of how I add oil to my curls.
Here is a list of oils I use for my curls and why I use

Olive oil-carrier oil used to moisturizer my hair as well as strengthen my hair
Coconut oil- carrier oil that moisturises, strengthens, adds sheen and softens the hair
Tea tree oil- helps for itchy scalp and dandruff
Peppermint oil- relieves itchy scalp
Rosemary oil- adds fragrance to oils also said to prevent gray hair (not for me)
Jasmine- adds fragrance to oils

I add all these oils in one tube and put the oil in my hair after shampooing or co-washing. As i said before, I use the loc method (liquid, oil, cream). I don’t use oil in my hair everyday because I don’t like my hair feeling greasy. I made that mistake when I first went natural. I will add coconut oil to my hair if it’s looking drab or if I wear my twa picked out. gives a detail description of oils and the benefits. This helped me to decide what oils I wanted to try for my hair. Hopefully it will help you concoct your own oil cocktail for your natural hair needs.


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