Natural hair growth

2 month hair growth


This hair growth update is a little late. I’m now 2 months into my hair growth challenge. My hair regimen hasn’t changed much. I still alternate between shampooing and cowashing every week. To moisturize I still use the L.O.C. method. I’m noticing that I like my hair a day or so after shampooing or co-washing. My hair shrinks a lot but when it’s old the little length I have comes out.

When I started my no cut challenge I said I wouldn’t taper my hair. Lately I’ve been contemplating getting it tapered and letting it grow in that shape. I’ve changed my mind a few times and I’m leaning on just letting it be. I’ve seen pictures of afros I love but I can’t tell if the hair has been tapered or not. This time around I want big wild curls and I’m not sure if tapering my hair is ideal. I am going to get it shaped because I like to pick my hair out, and it definitely needs to be shaped. >



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