Natural hair growth

My favorite oils

Oils are a must for natural hair. They give your hair life by adding essentials the hair and scalp needs. It took me a while to get a hang of using oils in my hair when I first went natural, now I have staple oils that I use along with a regime of how I… Continue reading My favorite oils

Natural hair growth

Growing Pains

I'm entering into my third month of my hair growth challenge and it's definitely becoming a challenge. One of the things I'm really frustrated with is not being able to style my hair. I'm so over the wash and go. When it comes to my hair it feels blah. When I do co-wash it shrinks… Continue reading Growing Pains

Natural hair growth

2 month hair growth

This hair growth update is a little late. I'm now 2 months into my hair growth challenge. My hair regimen hasn't changed much. I still alternate between shampooing and cowashing every week. To moisturize I still use the L.O.C. method. I'm noticing that I like my hair a day or so after shampooing or co-washing.… Continue reading 2 month hair growth


U.S. Army Deems Braids, Afros And Twists ‘Unauthorized’ Grooming Policy

Wow…this story needs to be shared everywhere. Discrimination at its finest

93.1 WZAK

1 The U.S. Army is proposing a few changes to its grooming and appearance standards that many army vets have deemed discriminatory, particularly to women of color.

According to reports, ”Army Regulation 670-1″ approved on March 6, restricts female soldiers from wearing most natural hair styles including “twists, dreadlocks, Afros and braids”while deployed. For those who do not follow the guidelines, they will be forced to cut theses styles or wear wigs. Army veteran “Tonya” spoke with Al Jazeera and called the new rules, which aren’t officially implemented, “deliberate.” She said many of the natural hair styles serve a purpose for women who are deployed and don’t have access to maintenance products or tools.

“It’s very targeted because we all know who they’re talking about even though they never explicitly say the world ‘black’ or ‘African-American.’ We all know who typically wears these types of hairstyles and then they went as far as to…

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