Dating, Natural hair growth

Can I Rub Your Hair


This guy whom I’ve been dating asked me if he could rub his fingers through my hair the next time we hugged. At first I thought he was asking if he could kiss me, but I was just as flattered that he wanted to touch my hair. Especially when I’ve read so many debates about whether or not men like natural hair.

Since I’ve been natural, the men I’ve dated had no issues with my twa.Often times they want to touch and play with my hair. This does not mean men prefer natural hair over relaxed hair, weaves, etc. However, I do believe men prefer the hair that comes out of our head.

There’s something very intimate about a man rubbing his fingers through a woman’s hair. I believe a man desires his woman’s hair freely without being concerned messing her hair up or pulling a track. As women we have to embrace our God given hair and start letting your man rub his fingers through it. You never know you might just like it.


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