Quite the Noise

I’ve been reading this amazing book entitled UnGlued by Lysa Tykerurst. The book is spiritual self-help book to help women deal with those raw, unexpected emotions. You know like the loud lady demanding a manager because she wants a Big Mac style burger in Wendy’s. Or the friend who gets upset with you and decides to stop speaking to you for weeks instead of telling you why they are upset. Notice, I didn’t say you did these things because you have it all together. Not! One particular chapter in the book that caught my attention was about “inside chatter”. Inside chatter are those moments when we over analyze and have a conversation in our head that is usually negative.

So now you’re probably thinking, I never do that. What do you do when homeboy takes to long calling back or responding to a text. Or when you’re out and another woman gives you the once over. How about when you visit a friend or family member’s house and it seems like they have it all together. You start thinking. Oh he on some b.s or he must no longer be interested. What she looking at, there’s nothing wrong with how I look or is it. My house is a mess, I need to get my life together. Before you know it you have all these thoughts in your head which does nothing but creates insecurities, get frustrated with yourself and others, and create a chip on your shoulder for no valid reason.

The author Lysa, says during these moments of chatter we should silence the chatter by creating positive thoughts and changing our perspectives. This has helped me in so many ways, because I am the queen of inside chatter and over analyzing. Once I realized the effects this was having on me and with people around me it became mandatory to quiet the chatter in my head. I employ you to do the same. The next time something comes up that causes you to look way deep into the situation, and start to have a conversation in your head about why, what, how something is or is not. Quiet the noise with positive thoughts and a different perspective.

If homeboy takes to long responding to a text or calling back maybe he’s busy or it slipped his mind to get right back to you. It’s not a slight against you. Even if he’s not interested in you. There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just not his type. It’s okay.

When homegirl gives you the once over, maybe you have on something she likes. Speak and or smile. Even if she is looking at you out of hate, don’t let her kill your vibe because you take pride in how you look.

You see where I’m going with this. Try it, I promise it will make life way more easier, and you brain will thank you too.



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